Tuesday, December 20


Chapter 1-Page 1      Confined

Caged, silence, lost...

     I sit in the middle of my grey padded cell. No windows, no bed, nothing but padding and a two inch thick metal door to chain me here; wearing a paper thin green gown that the staff preferred to call clothes. My head bowed forward making my greasy muddy brown hair, grown way out passed my shoulders, shown in its ratty state in front of my eyes.
     I've been in this hole for days only let out for daily bathroom breaks or spoon fed a tasteless grey mush. I stay on good behavior when I'm out in the halls, the nurses carry a syringe ready to pounce on the nearest mad-man. I know how to play the game; no one knows what's in the green liquid of that needle but i rather not let it seep into my skin to try an erratic escape.
     The door creaks open behind me i hear the hush of his shoes on the padded floor seeing his black teeny-shoes through my hair as he balances on the balls of his feet ;facing me.
  "Hello Mitchell." He greeted pleasantly.
     I stare at my bare feet and do not return the hello. Dr.Tykay habitually wearing his blinding white lab coat and pale green scrubs. He has thinning strawberry blond hair and wears eye-glasses with the left lens cracked; making his ice blue eyes slightly enlarged. Routinely he wears a powder blue medical mask as if insanity was catch-able.
   "How have you been enjoying solitary confinement?" Dr. Tykay inquired  I don't reply. I haven't spoken a word since I first arrived here.
     I could hear him grind his teeth. Oh no he is in a bad mood today. He yelled as he punched me across the face making my body hit the floor. I grunted from the pain. Its going to be difficult to sit back up now.
  "You will be here for two more weeks! You rot you worthless idiot! You will never be free from this place!" He roared at my fallen body
      Kicking me in the gut for added measure and charged out of the room. I formed a dark smile into the fabric floor as the door slammed shut.
    No Dr.  Tykay I thought only once I'm released from this straight jacket and kill you with my bare hands will I ever be free!



  1. A promising start, very intense at the end there. I assume we'll learn more about this narrator and how s/he got into situation.

  2. Glad you enjoy it. i know it have some grammer errors but i think i'm improving.